Bsb Round 1 2019 Oulton Park



FPW Racing had a fantastic start to the Season at Oulton Park Race Circuit, Brandon pulled out all the stops to take a couple of 1st place finishes with Jamie Davis, who has to learn all the British circuits taking a 7th and 9th. Brandon leads the Hel Performance Moto star championship after the first round with Jamie a credible 7th!!


 The weather at the undulating Oulton Park was extremely changeable all weekend,  Fp1 the track was cold with a dry line Brandon 2nd to Dan Jones andJamie 13th.


Fp2 Brandon p1 reversing the order with Jones, unfortunately Jamie had crashed out exiting Shell oils on lap 3 leaving him 14th

Sundays Qualifying was dry, Brandon taking P2 and Jamie improving his times once again taking p12


Race 1, Dry conditions both riders got a good launch from the line, Brandon was into 2nd place by the entry to shell oils on the first lap, unfortunately Dan Jones crashed on the exit of shell leaving Brandon in P1, Brandon controlled the race from the front using his pit board as the marker, his lead floated from 0.9 to 0.5 until the last 2 laps where he upped the pace taking the win by 2.01 seconds the Scott Swann and Jack Nixon. Jamie improved his lap time again as he continued to learn the difficult Oulton Park circuit taking a credible 7th Position.

The Weather in race two dry again after another morning down pour. Jack Nixon took the Hole shot into turn 1 closely followed  by Swann and Paasch. End of Lap 1 Nixon, Swann, Paasch with Jamie in 8th, Brandon took the Lead on lap 5 and battle hard to the end to take the First American Double win at BSB, Jamie had a moment exiting turn 1 on lap 3 which launched him through the screen breaking his fairing bracket but he managed to complete the race finishing in 9thOulton Podium



Brandon Leads the Hel Performance Motostar Championship with 50 points, with Scott Swann second 36 points and Asher Durham third 26 points. Jamie Davis 7 position 18 points





Dave Johnson

Written & distributed by:

Sarah Mason – FPW Racing


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