Bsb round 7 Assen TT September 20-22 2019



FPW Racing had a positive weekend with Jamie Davis but unfortunately Brandons weekend did not go to plan in race 2 with a race long battle involving five riders went wrong for Brandon when the group encountered 3 different back markers in the later laps, with 5 bikes entering the final chicane on the last lap with the back marker Jodie Fieldhouse in the middle, the outcome could only be carnage, Brandon was forced on to the Green and because of tome penalty’s imposed was given 5th position after a 20minute deliberation by race control. Jamie has his best race of the season after a race long battle with Jerry Van de Bunt crossing the line in 8th 0.183 seconds behind him and only 11.6 seconds from the leader

Fp1 at the Assen TT circuit in the Netherlands was dry, Brandon 1st and Jamie 8thassen brandon grid


Fp2 was again in Dry conditions Brandon P1,Jamie P8


Saturdays Qualifying was cool, Brandon taking P2 0.19 from Dan Jones on pole with Jamie P9


Race 1, Dry conditions both riders got a good launch from the line, End of Lap 1 was Jones, Paasch, Whatley with Jamie in 10th, Brandon and Jones pulled a 3 second gap to Whatley by lap 4.


assenbrandonBrandon took the lead on lap 9 and it was looking positive for the win until Dan Jones put an incredible pass on Paasch on the second to last corner on the last lap leaving Brandon to take second by 0.081 seconds. Jamie had a good race with Scott Swann finishing in 9th position



Brandon starting from 2nd and Jamie from 9th,, Whatley took the Hole shot into turn 1 closely followed  by Jones, Durham ,Nixon Paasch. End of Lap 1 it was Whatley Jones, Paasch with Jamie 9th. This race no body was able to pull away as positions changed lap on lap between Whatley, Jones, Paasch Durham and Nixon. Brandon Moved in to second place on lap 8 and finally took the lead on lap 12, but it wasn’t to be, as the group caught a back marker Annabel Thomas,  Brandon accidentally touched Annabel which brought her down and caused Brandon to drop back down the pack, leaving the chicane for the last lap Brandon was in 5th position, pulled through to 3rd when the pack came across 2 more back markers firstly Shanni Pinfold where Whatley had to pass on the green on the outside of the track, Then Jodie Fieldhouse in the chicane, All riders luckily stayed on board but it split the pack and left the Race officials a difficult job of making a race result, With time penalties given to Paasch, Durham and Jones made Brandon his first none podium finish of the season in 5th Position. Jamie had his best ride of the year after a race long duel with Dutchman Van de Bunt came home in 8th but only 11.67 seconds from the lead after an enthralling 14laps of the Assen TT circuitassen jamie



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Sarah Mason – FPW Racing




1st Brandon Paasch  231 points

2nd  Josh Whatley      208 points

3rd Asher Durham         202 points

10th Jamie Davis          84points


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