Bsb Round 9 Brands Hatch October 18-20th 2019




Brandon Paasch went out at Brands Hatch GP Circuit this past weekend on a mission to win the 2019 HEL Performance British Motostar Moto3 Championship.  In a spectacular display of riding craftsmanship, he won both races, leading Saturday’s race flag-to flag to lock up the Moto3 Championship with one race to spare.  In doing so, Brandon becomes the first ever US rider to capture any championship in the British Superbike series, adding the title of “International Champion” to his growing resume.

BRANDS 2019 2

First practice on Friday was run in very damp and cold conditions, and the second practice saw the track dry out but the temperatures stay cool.  Brandon finished the day in second spot, just 0.3 seconds behind the practice leader.  Qualifying ran the next morning on a wet track also, and the field quickly set about running fast laps just in case the conditions changed.  Brandon sorted his lines in the first few minutes, then strategically set about running with a clear track in front of him to lock in second place with a flying time on his final lap, just 0.16 seconds off the pole.

Brandon was determined to push hard in Race 1 to secure the championship, and that is just what he did.  Getting his best start of the season and leading into Turn 1, he quickly pulled a gap of 0.8 seconds by Lap 3.  He managed the lead throughout the race, putting a back marker between him and the rider behind him on Lap 9 that allowed him to lengthen his lead.  Brandon cut the fastest lap of the race on his last lap and took the checkered flag to win the championship.

Brandon was on pole position for Race 2 as a result of his fastest lap in Race 1, and he had a strong warmup session that saw him lead the pack by over 1.0 second.  While his start was not as strong as the previous race, he pushed to the lead and was first to cross the line on Lap 1.  A fight ensued for the next three laps, until a rider fell out of Turn 3 which created a gap between Brandon and the rest of the riders.  He pushed hard and set the fastest lap of the race on Lap 7, increasing his lead to 4.8 seconds by the end of the race when he crossed the finish line to complete the double win for the weekend.

BRANDS 2019 5“What a weekend – probably one of the best of my life!  After the win in Race 2 at Donington, I knew I could push it at Brands because that’s one of my favorite tracks in the series.  I worked out pretty hard leading up to the weekend, so I was really ready for both races.  The KTM Moto3 bike was running real strong, and thankfully we had no issues with the ECU.  I expected a typically cold and wet English fall weekend, and I felt pretty comfortable right away in practice.  I planned to take pole in qualifying to set myself up for the race, but second spot was pretty good, and I knew I would just have to pin it to be out in front for the race.  I made the best start of the year and just put my head down to stay out front.  There were a couple fast guys that would try to knock me off the box, but I was determined to get the win for the championship.  When I crossed the line and got it, I was so happy that I could barely sit on the bike.  It was such an amazing feeling to be a champion – the first US champion in BSB history!

In Race 2 I knew everyone would be gunning for the win, but I just wanted to go out on top.  I got a decent start and pushed for the lead right away.  I had a couple dicey moments on the first few laps, but then I made a strong move out of Turn 3 and never looked back.  I was just clicking off the laps all weekend, and I nailed the fastest lap of the whole weekend in that race.  So I was pretty happy with the double win and wrapping up the season in style.

I couldn’t have done this without a great team and great group of sponsors, supporters and fans!  Everyone worked so hard and put in so much time to help me be a champion.  Adrian and Sarah from Fireplace Warehouse are incredible.  They not only ran a very organized and detailed team, but they were great mentors, too.  Dave is a great guy and awesome mechanic, and Andy really was incredible working on the data to get us really dialed in.  I also have to thank Andy’s family for taking me in and making feel like a part of them while I was in the UK;  I’ll always be grateful for their support.  For my sponsors, Dave, Paul, Scott and everyone else that stepped up financially, you really made an impact on helping the team this season.  To Spidi and Arai – thanks for keeping me protected and helping me be confident to push hard when I was out on the track.  Big thanks to my Partner Sponsors, Electronic Concepts and luxeStar VIP, as well as my Presenting Sponsors Classic Car Club of Manhattan, NJMiniGP, Evolve GT, BJT Mechanical, The Three Horseshoes, and OTF.”  Thanks to all my fans, you guys really grew a lot this year and helped pick me up when things looked tough.  Last, but certainly first in my mind, is my biggest supporter – my Mom.  Without you first, I really wouldn’t be here.  Thank you for everything for all these years!  (Brandon Paasch)

BRANDS 2019 3“Once again, I have to say how proud I am of everyone that was involved with and supported this team this year.  Sarah and I have been racing in BSB for over a decade, and I can’t recall a better season with such a great group.  I know Brandon had the potential to be a champion, and working with him and seeing him grow this season was a pleasure.  When we all got together at our first testing session of the year, I felt right away that it would be a good crew.  We had some adjustments to make, but everyone stepped up and worked hard and really gelled as a team.  We couldn’t have been successful without the strong individual efforts of both Andy and Dave working on the KTM, and I would be making a big mistake if I didn’t say a big thanks to my wife Sarah for doing all the other important work that kept the team running smoothly and let me concentrate on being prepared for each weekend.  Working with Brandon’s manager and sponsors from the USA was very enjoyable, and meeting all the team’s other supporters and fans was incredible.  I was very impressed with all the support, and I know we all appreciated it very much.

BRANDS 2019 7It feels very good to bring home the Moto3 Championship in its final season, and to do it with the first US rider to ever win a BSB championship makes it that much more special.  We’re going to step back and take a look at our options for next year, but I wish Brandon the best of luck for next season and look forward to seeing his career grow internationally.  Thanks again to everyone involved this year, and I’ll savor this season for years to come.”  (Adrian Mason, Team Owner)

Photos by Camipix Written & distributed by:

Sarah Mason – FPW Racing




1st Brandon Paasch  322 points

2nd   Josh Whatley     268 points

3rd Asher Durham        263 points

12th Jamie Davis          84points

Bsb Round 8 Donington Park 4-6th October 2019




FPW Racing regained control of the Championship at Donington Park Race Circuit, Brandon played the Team game taking a sensible 3rd  to Asher and Whatley in Race 1. On Saturday, then when the Team collected the bike from Parc Ferme after the race the Dellorto ECU was found to have become corrupt. A 6 hour round trip back to Team HQ to collect a compatible ECU, Engine management firm ware reloaded the bike was back up and running close to mid night.donington5

Race 2 was initially stopped after 7 laps as it started to rain as first Asher Durham then Dan Jones crashed out, leaving  Whatley in first, Brandon 2nd Swann in 3rd. They took to the Grid for a 6 lap Dash with Whatley and Paasch running first and second, Whatley made a mistake on the Final lap where Brandon took the lead and put in the fastest Lap to take the win the Hel Performance Moto star championship again by 24 points

Fp 1 at  the undulating Donington  Park was held in damp conditions, Brandon was under instruction to take it easy whilst learning the track and ended up 7th


Fp2 started with a bang as 7 riders went down on lap 1 as it was raining on one side of the circuit, Brandon came in, swapped to wets for 4 laps until the circuit dryed then managed to get 2 flying laps on slicks finishing in 2nd position


Saturdays Qualifying was on an early cold but dry track, Brandon taking P4 but only 0.21 off Pole

Race 1, Brandon did not get the best start from and ended up 5th in to turn one. As the laps progressed it was Whatley, Durham, Jones and Paasch, Lap 6 Brandon past Jones to take 3rd position, then lap 7, passed Whatley to take 2nd. Unfortunately Whatley made a move back on lap 11 and Brandon did not have enough to take him again, Brandon ended up 3rd 0.18 seconds behind Whatley with Durham taking the win




Race 2 was a race of 2 halves. Brandon starting from P3.The First start was Whatley, Nixon,Durham, Jones and Paasch into the first turn As they crossed the line on to lap 2 Brandon had moved to 3rd.Asher crashed out on lap 2 at the Old hairpin. Jones crashed out at the Chicane on lap 6. As the rain started to fall the race was red flagged on lap 7

A brief delay for the rain to clear and race two started again as a 6 lap dash. Brandon starting from P2 has his fastest start of the season  (0 – 100km in 3.5 seconds) End of Lap 1 it Whatley, Paasch and Swann. Brandon followed Whatley for 5 laps making his move in to 1st position on the last lap at Mccleans corner, and holding the lead to the line with the fastest lap of 1.38.64 seconds



Dave Johnson

Written & distributed by:

Sarah Mason – FPW Racing




1st Brandon Paasch  272 points

2nd   Josh Whatley     248 points

3rd Asher Durham        227 points

11th Jamie Davis          84points

Bsb round 7 Assen TT September 20-22 2019



FPW Racing had a positive weekend with Jamie Davis but unfortunately Brandons weekend did not go to plan in race 2 with a race long battle involving five riders went wrong for Brandon when the group encountered 3 different back markers in the later laps, with 5 bikes entering the final chicane on the last lap with the back marker Jodie Fieldhouse in the middle, the outcome could only be carnage, Brandon was forced on to the Green and because of tome penalty’s imposed was given 5th position after a 20minute deliberation by race control. Jamie has his best race of the season after a race long battle with Jerry Van de Bunt crossing the line in 8th 0.183 seconds behind him and only 11.6 seconds from the leader

Fp1 at the Assen TT circuit in the Netherlands was dry, Brandon 1st and Jamie 8thassen brandon grid


Fp2 was again in Dry conditions Brandon P1,Jamie P8


Saturdays Qualifying was cool, Brandon taking P2 0.19 from Dan Jones on pole with Jamie P9


Race 1, Dry conditions both riders got a good launch from the line, End of Lap 1 was Jones, Paasch, Whatley with Jamie in 10th, Brandon and Jones pulled a 3 second gap to Whatley by lap 4.


assenbrandonBrandon took the lead on lap 9 and it was looking positive for the win until Dan Jones put an incredible pass on Paasch on the second to last corner on the last lap leaving Brandon to take second by 0.081 seconds. Jamie had a good race with Scott Swann finishing in 9th position



Brandon starting from 2nd and Jamie from 9th,, Whatley took the Hole shot into turn 1 closely followed  by Jones, Durham ,Nixon Paasch. End of Lap 1 it was Whatley Jones, Paasch with Jamie 9th. This race no body was able to pull away as positions changed lap on lap between Whatley, Jones, Paasch Durham and Nixon. Brandon Moved in to second place on lap 8 and finally took the lead on lap 12, but it wasn’t to be, as the group caught a back marker Annabel Thomas,  Brandon accidentally touched Annabel which brought her down and caused Brandon to drop back down the pack, leaving the chicane for the last lap Brandon was in 5th position, pulled through to 3rd when the pack came across 2 more back markers firstly Shanni Pinfold where Whatley had to pass on the green on the outside of the track, Then Jodie Fieldhouse in the chicane, All riders luckily stayed on board but it split the pack and left the Race officials a difficult job of making a race result, With time penalties given to Paasch, Durham and Jones made Brandon his first none podium finish of the season in 5th Position. Jamie had his best ride of the year after a race long duel with Dutchman Van de Bunt came home in 8th but only 11.67 seconds from the lead after an enthralling 14laps of the Assen TT circuitassen jamie



Camipix Photography


Written & distributed by:

Sarah Mason – FPW Racing




1st Brandon Paasch  231 points

2nd  Josh Whatley      208 points

3rd Asher Durham         202 points

10th Jamie Davis          84points

Bsb Round 6 Oulton Park 6th-8th September 2019



FPW Racing regained control of the Championship at Oulton Park Race Circuit, Brandon played the Team game taking a sensible 2nd  to level the points with Asher Durham. Race 2 Brandon took the win after a race long battle with young Josh Whatley. Jamie Davis, was unfortunately taken out on by another rider on the sighting lap of Race 1 so did not get to race, That put Jamie on the back row of the grid. Jamie made his way through the pack as quickly as possible finishing a credible 10th. Brandon leads the Hel Performance Moto star championship again by 25 points

Fp 1 at  the undulating Oulton Park was completely wet ,Brandon 5th andJamie 8th.OULTON24


Fp2 was in Dry conditions Brandon P1,Jamie P10


Saturdays Qualifying started wet, the track was drying but not enough to change to slick tyres, Brandon taking P4 and Jamie P11


Race 1, Dry conditions both riders got a good launch from the line, Brandon was into 4nd place Turn 1 and 3rd into cascades on the first lap, Brandon was playing the Team game and controlled his race to Asher Durham and Josh Whatley using his pit board to regain his lead in the championship unfortunately this allowed Dan Jones to slip away and take the win. Jamie got taken out on the sighting lap and was not allowed to start. This put him at the back of the grid for race 2




The Weather in race two was dry again. Brandon starting from 2nd and Jamie from 22nd,,Dan Jones  took the Hole shot into turn 1 closely followed  by Whatley and Paasch. End of Lap 1 it was Jones, Whatley and Paasch with Jamie pulling through to 16th, Lap 4 Jones lost the front and crashed out at cascades, Brandon took the lead and had another race long duel with Whatley. On the last lap, last corner, Whatley made a lunge passing Brandon on the brakes into Lodge, but immediately ran wide and Brandon regained the lead to take first across the line, Jamie picked the riders off one by one moving from his starting position of 22nd to cross the line in 10th







Dave Johnson

Written & distributed by:

Sarah Mason – FPW Racing




1st Brandon Paasch  200 points

2nd  Asher Durham    175 points

3rd Josh Whatley          167 points

10th Jamie Davis          69points





Bsb Round 5 Cadwell Park 116th-18th August 2019


Brandon had a disappointing weekend at the notoriously twisty and unforgiving  Cadwell Park, Unfortunately crashing out of both races in the early stages, Jamie had a positive result with 7th in race 1 and was heading for his best finish of 4th in Race 2, when another rider crashed in front of him Jamie had to take to the grass and was unable to continue.


Cadwell Circuit weather was changeable as usual FP1 started in damp conditions and then the rain started to fall, both riders were in full wets with Brandon finishing 5th and Jamie 9th.The conditions deteriorated and the down fall was so severe that all racing had to be postponed for the rest of the day.


Saturdays Qualifying was extended to make up for track time lost. This was held in Dry conditions with Brandon qualifying on the front row in 3rd and Jamie on the fourth row in 11th  .




Race 1 Both riders got an excellent launch of the line with Brandon 4th on to park straight and Jamie in 8th.  By Lap 2 Brandon had passed Whatley and Jones, Chasing Rodriguez Brandon open the throttle a little too soon and high sided existing Mansfield on lap .Jamie had a race long battle with Archer and Best finishing 0.5 seconds behind Best in 7th position



Race 2 saw our riders start side by side on the 3rd row of the Grid, both getting a good start, entering Park corner they were in 6th and 8th. Again a little over enthusiasm from Brandon whilst trying to push to the front from the 3rd row start, exiting Mansfield and trying to make a move he caught the rear of Durham and ended his second race of the weekend Jamie had his best ride of the year battling for a top 5 position with Archer and Best, Lap 8 Best crashed and Jamie had to take to the grass to avoid him and he was unable to continue.

Cadwell 1





Dave Johnston

Written & distributed by:

Sarah Mason – FPW Racing




1st  Asher Durham       162 points

2nd Brandon Paasch            155 points

3rd Josh Watley            131points

9th Jamie Davis            61points

0044 7968 970538



Fpw racing and Brandon Paasch wild card at British Moto GP



American Brandon Paasch to Wild Card at the British Moto GP at Silverstone 23rd -25th August 2019 with FPW Racing

Brandon is currently Leading the Hel Performance British Moto 3 Championship and has been given the opportunity  through DORNA and the AMA to wild card along side Japanese rider Yuki Kuuni



His wild card entry is being supported by,

The Classic Car Club of Manhatten, LuxeStar VIP, Spidi and Arai, He would also like to thank his mum Bonnie, Paul Allison and Andy Reiss for years of support to get him up to the level to take this Wild card opportunity






Brandon will be riding a 2018 Factory M38 RC250 KTM owned and run by FPW Racing


Thank you again to FPW Racings Sponsors, The Fireplace Warehouse, Motul, Probolt, Hel Performance, Dunlop, Jennings Race Products, Regina for their continual support







BSB Round 4 Thruxton August 2-4th 2019

FPW Racing were at Thruxton in Hampshire for the 4th round of the  2019 Hel Performance British Motostar championship,  Jamie Davis unfortunately could not attend due to the rescheduled BTC round at  Bruno, leaving the Team with Just with Brandon Paasch, who did not disappoint taking a very close 2nd place in both races, Extending his Championship lead to 31 pointsThruxton 1

The weather at Thruxton was warm , With Friday behing the hottest  day. Fpw racing used the track time to try some geometry changes on the bike and do race distance tyre trials, Brandon  ended Fridays Free practices with Brandon 2nd FP1 and 4th in FP2


Saturday morning’s Qualifying was cooler buts sunny conditions Brandon took pole position on the last lap by 0.089 over ex-team mate Asher Durham


Race 1 Brandon made a swift start of the line from his pole position taking 1st  position into turn three Cambell. The next 12 laps were to say the least intense with Rodriguez, Durham and Paasch swapping places several times per lap, In the end it Finished Durham, 0.25 to Paasch then 0.2 to Whatley.

thruxton 3






Race 2 was unfortunately red flagged after 2 laps due to a crash. After a short delay it was restarted over a shorter distance of 9 laps. Just like Race 1 the lead swapped several times a lap, between. Paasch, Durham, Rodriguez and Whatley, An unfortunate coming together between Whatley and Swann took them out of the action and an excursion to the grass by Rodriguez gave Durham a little gap that Brandon just could not close in the last third of the lap. The race ended Durham, 0.158 to Paasch, with Jones taking the last Rostrum position




Written & distributed by:

Sarah Mason – FPW Racing

Photos Symon Syzmanski








1st Brandon Paasch   155 points

2nd Asher Durham       124 points

3rd Scott Swann            101 points

4th Victor Rodriguez     90 points

9th Jamie Davis            52 points




Bsb Round 3 Knockhill 28th 30th June 2019

2019 HEL Performance

British Motostar Championship Race Team

Round 3 – 28-30TH JUNE KNOCKHILL



FPW Racing have been in action at Knockhill in Scotland for round 3 of the 2019 Hel Performance British Motostar championship, Brandon Paasch taking a 2nd place in race 1 and unfortunate slip off in race 2 after running on to the grass, with improving Jamie Davis finishing 7th in race 1 and 6th position in race 2 his best position of the year so far

The weather at changeable to say the least, 27 degrees sunny Friday, rain and storms Saturday, dry cold and spuradic showers. Fpw racing ended Fridays Free practices with Brandon 1st and Jamie 11th


Saturday mornings Qualifying was cool  but dry conditions Brandon took pole position on with Jamie taking his best qualifying position of 7th.


Race 1 Brandon unfortunately made an unusual start smoking the rear wheel off the line like an American drag school rookie, taking 2nd position into turn one just behind Victor Rodriguez, the next few laps were, Rodriguez, Paasch, Jones  Swann and Nixon battling hard and swapping positions, Championship contenders  Nixon crashed out at the hair pin on lap 8 and Jones at the Chicane on lap 12, Brandon Battled on in 2nd position but coming across back markers in the later laps made it impossible for Brandon to make the move in to first position. Jamie got off the line well from his 7th place on the grid, but unfortunately by turn 3 he has fallen behind Ed Best, Jamie had a race long tussle with the much more experienced Moto 3 campaigners of Asher Durham and Ed Best eventually crossing the line in 7th position a couple of 10ths behind them.



The Weather in race two was again a nightmare, with the previous races being held in dry conditions the Team had no other choice but to run full slicks.


Brandon  5th into turn one and 4th by turn three.   And 3rd by lap 3. By this time the rain had started to fall and despite Brandon putting his hand up several times to try and get the race stopped te race continued. On lap 4 Brandon lost the front end, possibly the wind so he was forced on to the grass where he kept the bike up right until he had to lay it down as he was going to cut back on the track and take out other competitors. The rain continued to fall with Nixon going down on lap 13 and Jones on Lap 15 before the race was stopped at 2/3 distance with the result going Rodriguez, Swann, Whatley


Jamie had a good start from 8th and maintained his position into turn 2. He then had another  race long duel with Durham and Leigh leaving Jamie in his best finish this year so far of 6th position


Written & distributed by:

Sarah Mason – FPW Racingknockhill5








1st Brandon Paasch   115 points

2nd Scott Swann          88 points

3rd Victor Rodriguez   77 points

7th Jamie Davis           52 points

Bsb Round 2 Brands Hatch

2019 HEL Performance

British Motostar Championship Race Team

Round 2 – Brands Hatch Race Circuit



Brandon Brands

FPW Racing had another dominating performance at Brands Hatch Race Circuit. Paasch extending his lead in the Championship and Davis constantly improving his times and positions riding his first time at the Brands Hatch Circuit

The weather at Brands Hatch was cold but dry through practice and qualifying. Sunday was wet in warm up and then changeable all day but the Sunday race was held in dry conditions with a hint of rain in the air. FPW Racing ended FP2 Brandon 3rd and Jamie 10th  position.


Saturdays Qualifying was again cold but dry conditions Brandon took pole position on his final Lap with Jamie taking a solid 10th place.


Race 1 Brandon unfortunately made a mistake off the start leaving him in 8th position into turn one. End of lap 1 Brandon was in seventh place, Lap 2 fourth place, then moved into second position on lap 4, unfortunately Dan Jones with a clear track had managed to pull a 5 second gap, Brandon ( as agreed with the Team prior to the start of the race ) settled for second place to consolidate his lead in the championship, controlled the position by good use of his pit signals.

Jamie did not get the start he really wanted but put in some consistently improving lap times as he continued to learn the circuit securing a solid 10th position

Jamie Brands


The Weather in race two was changeable, with a small rain shower while the bikes were waiting on the grid, luckily the rain just held off for the race with the bikes going out on full slicks.


Brandon got a much better start, 5th into turn one and 4th by turn three. Lap 6 Brandon took the lead and started to pull a slight gap when unfortunately Jones and Swann went down on lap 7 forcing the safety car to come out for 2 laps as the bikes and riders were moved to a safe position. From there Brandon again controlled the race using his pit signals finishing 2 seconds in front of Nixon and Rodriguez



Jamie had a good start from 11th on the grid into 8th by turn two. He then had a race long duel with Former FPW racing data engineer Jerry Van de Bunt who beat Jamie to the line 0.05 of a second leaving Jamie in his best finish this year so far of 7th position

brands podium

Written & distributed by:

Sarah Mason – FPW Racing










1st Brandon Paasch 95 points

2nd Scott Swann 52 points

3rd Asher Durham 52 points

7th Jamie Davis 33 points


Bsb Round 1 2019 Oulton Park



FPW Racing had a fantastic start to the Season at Oulton Park Race Circuit, Brandon pulled out all the stops to take a couple of 1st place finishes with Jamie Davis, who has to learn all the British circuits taking a 7th and 9th. Brandon leads the Hel Performance Moto star championship after the first round with Jamie a credible 7th!!


 The weather at the undulating Oulton Park was extremely changeable all weekend,  Fp1 the track was cold with a dry line Brandon 2nd to Dan Jones andJamie 13th.


Fp2 Brandon p1 reversing the order with Jones, unfortunately Jamie had crashed out exiting Shell oils on lap 3 leaving him 14th

Sundays Qualifying was dry, Brandon taking P2 and Jamie improving his times once again taking p12


Race 1, Dry conditions both riders got a good launch from the line, Brandon was into 2nd place by the entry to shell oils on the first lap, unfortunately Dan Jones crashed on the exit of shell leaving Brandon in P1, Brandon controlled the race from the front using his pit board as the marker, his lead floated from 0.9 to 0.5 until the last 2 laps where he upped the pace taking the win by 2.01 seconds the Scott Swann and Jack Nixon. Jamie improved his lap time again as he continued to learn the difficult Oulton Park circuit taking a credible 7th Position.

The Weather in race two dry again after another morning down pour. Jack Nixon took the Hole shot into turn 1 closely followed  by Swann and Paasch. End of Lap 1 Nixon, Swann, Paasch with Jamie in 8th, Brandon took the Lead on lap 5 and battle hard to the end to take the First American Double win at BSB, Jamie had a moment exiting turn 1 on lap 3 which launched him through the screen breaking his fairing bracket but he managed to complete the race finishing in 9thOulton Podium



Brandon Leads the Hel Performance Motostar Championship with 50 points, with Scott Swann second 36 points and Asher Durham third 26 points. Jamie Davis 7 position 18 points





Dave Johnson

Written & distributed by:

Sarah Mason – FPW Racing

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